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Our mission is to help you when you experience a flight disruption. We want to protect the rights of travellers.

This is our story

Our Mission

Our mission is to help in this situation and protect the rights of the travellers and families that experience this and other problems in their air travels due to flight disruptions. We can help claim compensation with a simple stress-free process and with a no win/no fee approach there’s nothing to pay upfront. If this has happened in the last 6 years, we want to help you get paid for your flight disruption.

PIA Delayed wishes to help air travel so travelling is trouble free. So, while we cannot fix your disrupted flight, we can protect your rights to get your compensation and hopefully get better service from your airline.

What matters to our customers

We are focused on our customers' air rights and flight experiences.


People who have already experienced hassle with their time and money with a disrupted flight deserve not to lose more. We are constantly improving our claiming process to reduce the time waiting for your compensation.


Airlines suffer delays and cancellations on a daily basis. We know how to research the reasons for a delay to ensure the airline pays you what you deserve.


People trust in us with their time and money, because their disrupted flight symbolize a compensation that is completely claimable under law. We take this service very seriously so you are dealt with professionally and believe that every case is taken with all the relevance and necessary attention it deserves.


A high percentage of people suffering from disrupted flights aren’t aware of their passenger rights and never claim compensation from airlines. We want to make more people aware of what is rightfully theirs.


Dealing with the Airlines isn’t the most enjoyable time, but with our expert in house legal team, will ensure claiming your compensation is easy and efficient.

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