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All your flights with PIA monitored under our patrolling system.


Our mission is accomplished by daily patrolling every PIA flight departing from the EU. We look out for any disruptions to your flight prior to your departure to avoid any lost time or change to travel plans. Once a delay or cancellation has occurred, we can automatically process the claim on your behalf to avoid any further worries.


An estimated 80% of passengers never claim compensation for their disrupted flight. One of the reasons for this are that passengers do not want to deal with the hassle of making a claim after their bad experience. At PIA Delayed, we believe that every passenger should be claiming their legal compensation. We also believe that this may even change the way that airlines operate when they must pay the consequences for their own mistakes.


If you have already booked your flight with PIA, enter your flight details so that we can monitor your flight. We will notify you of any disruption and the validity of your claim before processing a claim on your behalf.

What compensation can I expect?

If your flight was delayed, cancelled or overbooked, your compensation size depends on your travel distance.

1 person €600
2 people €1200
3 people €1200
4 people €1200
5 people €1200
6 people €1200

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