We have compiled the latest news for people travelling from and to Pakistan.


  • Fall/Winter 2019 Flight deals

    With summer coming to an end, Pakistan International Airlines has begun preparation for its winter discounts. As we like to help our customers, we have compiled a list of every PIA deal coming up. Check them out!


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  • Earthquake in Pakistan

    Earthquake in Pakistan- A 5.2 magnitude earthquake has hit the northeast part of Pakistan. Find out more information about how to get reduced-priced tickets to fly to Pakistan or learn how to donate to this cause.


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  • What are my travel rights?

    Have you flown recently with PIA? If so, was your flight cancelled, delayed or alternatively, were you denied boarding? Did you know that you could be eligible for flight compensation?


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  • Food of Pakistan

    Pakistan is known for many things- beautiful mountains, kind people and their fantastic food, always rich with flavours and spices.


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  • Pakistan Day

    What is the 23rd of March to you? This year it is a Saturday. But for Pakistanis, it is not a regular Saturday. It is Pakistan Day! ...


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  • Winning with PIA Delayed!

    Travelling around the world is one of the greatest things an individual can do with their life. There are so many beautiful sights to see...


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  • Beginners Guide to Travel to Pakistan

    As we know it may be your first time visiting this amazing country, weve put together the following guide to help you.


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  • Things You Must Know Before Visiting Pakistan

    Not only is it a beautiful country with diverse landscapes including golden sandy deserts and imposing mountainous regions, but it's one that is culturally diverse too.


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  • Top 10 Places To Visit In Pakistan

    Here are out top-ten picks of the best places to visit and explore in Pakistan � we have different tourist spots and peaceful locations for everyone!


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    Karim Rasul

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