Earthquake in Pakistan


A 5.2 magnitude earthquake has hit the northeast part of Pakistan, close to the city of Mirpur and Jhelum. Heartbreakingly, dozens of people have been killed and hundreds are injured, with numbers expected to rise. Rescuers are still transporting victims to hospitals in the city. However, many roads have been damaged, causing accidents and having detrimental effects on passing vehicles.

Houses, cattle farms and cars are amongst some of the things to have been destroyed. But it will never compare to the loss of life that the earthquake has caused. Considering this, airline tickets have been reduced to allow discounted flights from Britain to Pakistan. This will allow more people to visit loved ones.

There is an online appeal for those looking to donate. You can help today by donating to the Pakistan Earthquake Appeal.

Do you want to visit your family in Pakistan?

The national flag carrier of Pakistan, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), have graciously reduced Pakistan airline tickets from Britain. This will allow British Pakistanis the opportunity to visit family members and friends during these troublesome times. The cheap Pakistan flights will be 15% reduced and continue until the 5th of October 2019.

Hurry, while tickets and seats are still available. Flights to Pakistan are as cheap as just over £400 for a return ticket.

British Pakistanis

Britain has been offered this discount, as Mirpur, the epicentre of the quake, has strong British ties. So much so, that most of its residents carry both a British and Pakistani passport. It is estimated that 70% of British-Pakistanis are originally from the Mirpur area, which in in Azad Kashmir.

As a result, many people in Britain will have families, friends and other loved ones affected by the tragic natural disaster. So, if this applies to you, use PIA’s reduced ticket prices to afford a visit to see your loved ones during their time of need.

The United Kingdom has the largest Pakistani community in Europe. In fact, according to the 2011 consensus, over a million British Pakistanis have residence in Britain.

We support our Pakistani Community

Here at PIADelayed, we look out for and care about our Pakistani travellers and want you to get the opportunity to support your family and friends. Go to PIA’s website now for discounted ticket prices from the UK to Pakistan, due to the earthquake, and choose a range of Pakistani flights. Follow the link here


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