Fall/Winter 2019 Flight deals


With summer coming to an end, Pakistan International Airlines has begun preparation for its winter discounts. As we like to help our customers, we have compiled a list of every PIA deal coming up. If you are wanting to book your next trip, now is the time to do so.

Whether you are travelling to Pakistan or travelling from Pakistan, there are so many great deals! Carry on reading for more information.


Sialkot to London and London to Sialkot PIA tickets

Directs flights between London Heathrow and Sialkot began in September, starting with a discounted price of up to 20% to London from the 11th of September and 10% to Sialkot from the 24th of September. Hurry to try this new route, as both discounts are only valid up until the 30th of November. Pakistan International Airlines has taken travellers to and from London for years, but with the addition of Sialkot as a destination, it shows how popular London is for Pakistanis. Book a flight with PIA to get the best price.


Pakistan to Manchester and Manchester to Pakistan PIA tickets

Manchester is full of art, culture and amazing food. Flights with PIA are very regular, with daily flights departing from Islamabad to Manchester. Make your PIA reservation between the 24th of September and the 30th of November to enjoy 10% discount. After spending time in this beautiful city, travel back to Pakistan with another 10% discount. See what Manchester has to offer to so many individuals, and what makes it home to many Pakistanis.


Pakistan to London and London to Pakistan PIA tickets

The English capital is a really popular destination for Pakistanis. If you are wanting to take advantage of cheap tickets, book a flight with PIA and take one with of their regular flights to get to London. Enjoy 10% discount between the 24th of September and the 30th of November. Use PIA’s large baggage allowance and get loads of souvenirs from London. Be a tourist in one of the busiest cities in Europe.


Pakistan to Birmingham PIA tickets

It has been announced that PIA will launch more flights between Pakistan and Birmingham, making travels easier and more frequent; you can even enjoy 10% off between the 24th of September until the 30th of November. Birmingham has the second largest Pakistani community in the UK, making it a popular destination for many Pakistanis who wish to visit loved ones in this huge city. In fact, according the 2011 census, 13.5% of the city population were of Pakistan descent.


Pakistan to Barcelona and Barcelona to Pakistan PIA tickets

Home to some of the most iconic architecture in Europe, Barcelona offers many attractions making it one of the most popular tourist destinations. Its beautiful beaches, art and architecture attracts millions of people every year. Reduced fares from Pakistan will commence on the 26th of September until the 31st of December. You can also grab your PIA ticket from Barcelona to Pakistan now with a 15% discount; flights from Barcelona to Islamabad are every Monday.


Pakistan to Paris and Paris to Pakistan PIA tickets.

The most popular French city, also known as the city of love, Paris is a place every person needs to visit. Travellers from Pakistan can benefit from 15% discount until the 30th of November with PIA flights to Islamabad. Pakistanis can visit Paris and the tall Eiffel Tower with reduced fares, making a romantic trip to France possible. The reduced fares begin on the 26th of September and are on until the 31st of December. PIA operates flight to and from Paris three times a week.


Pakistan to Copenhagen and Copenhagen to Pakistan PIA tickets

Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, is rich in history but with strong urban and cultural developments. Thankfully, PIA flights from Copenhagen to Islamabad are discounted by 15% until the 30th of November. Danish travellers can take advantage of seeing the beautiful capital city of Pakistan. Although Denmark is not the only place with a discount, reduced fares from Pakistan to Copenhagen begin on the 26th of September and run up into the 31of December. Winter season with Pakistan International Airlines has never been so appealing. 


Pakistan to Oslo and Oslo to Pakistan PIA tickets

The most popular city in Norway, Oslo is the capital and hub for Norwegian trade, making it a popular destination for Europeans and Pakistanis alike. Flights from Pakistan are reduced between the 26th of September to the 31st of December. Pakistanis can go to experience the cold winter, enjoying skiing or ice skating.; if you‘re looking for something warmer, not to worry Oslo offers so much for everyone. Norwegians can benefit from discounted PIA flights from Oslo to Islamabad until the 30th of November. PIA tickets and bookings have been reduced during their winter sale. There has never been a better time for a visit.


Milan to Islamabad PIA tickets

Italian travellers can also benefit with 15% discount until the 30th of November flying from Milan. PIA ticket prices from Milan to Islamabad are as cheap as €277. This long-haul flight will be filled with excitement to see such a beautiful country and doing it for a bargain price. Our recommendation is to try all the gorgeous food Pakistan has to offer. For more information read our blog on Pakistani food.


PIA Patroller

Our new tool, PIA Patroller, is the best method to track your upcoming PIA flights. We know that PIA passengers experience flight disruptions from time to time. Our new tool allows you to to input all upcoming flight details. This will allow us to monitor your flights and if there is a disruption, we will put in a claim on your behalf.

We have done this to make your life easier and because you are your number one priority. If you ever experience a flight delay, then we want to help you. A paying passenger should not have to so suffer because of the airline.

Remember, if you have flown through PIA from Europe and have experienced a flight delay, we can help. We will claim against the airline to get you the flight compensation that you deserve. Check now here.


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