Top 10 Places To Visit In Pakistan


Pakistan is over 340,000 square miles in size, meaning choosing which of its beautiful sights to see, landmarks to visit and national parks to explore can be tough. To help you decide, here are our top ten places to visit in Pakistan. We have included destinations for all types of travellers to make sure there is something on our list for everyone!


1. The Sheesh Mahal




Go and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Sheesh Mahal! This is just one chamber inside the must-see Lahore Fort. The notorious Emperor Akbar the Great used this chamber as his pleasure resort. It is one of the most dazzling areas of the fort and displays remarkable architectural brilliance. Lay your eyes on its intricate design featuring extensive white marble and precious stones. It used to be only available to imperial princes and alike – but now you can visit too!


2. Lake Saiful Muluk




One of the highest lakes in Pakistan and one of the top attractions in the country as well - Lake Saiful Muluk is a must-see! The lake is the setting of a folklore legend and is surrounded by breathtaking mountains. It is a spectacle with unbelievable views of a remarkable area on the circumference of the beautiful Kaghan Valley.


3. Trango Towers




Unless you are an avid rock climber, you may be unfamiliar with the granite Trango Towers. There is one thing for certain – after you visit these towers your friends won't be unfamiliar with them. You’ll be telling them all about their immense stature, lasting impression and their unforgettable formation.


4. Pakistan Monument




The Pakistan Monument is an important structure in the history of Pakistan. The overall granite build depicts the blossoming of a flower and is a symbol of Pakistan unity between its people. Each petal represents one province and the inner walls of each petal are decorated with images of other beautiful Pakistan landmarks you should visit.

One awesome fact about this monument is if you see it from above, you will notice that it transforms into the Pakistan flag. While you are visiting, you should also check out the adjoining museum with historical waxworks and more.


5. Churna Island




Hop on over to Churna Island to experience one of the most peaceful and clean islands you will ever step foot on. However, there is more to this island than conjuring up a dream getaway. This island is famous for its water sports and its marine life. Take on a host of exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping activities or explore the coral reefs to see some of the rarest fish in the world.


6. Rohtas Fort 



Just outside the city of Jhelum, you can experience one of the biggest forts in the Indian Subcontinent. It was built in the middle of the 11th century, making it a fantastic place for a cultural stop off on your vacation. One of the reasons it’s so popular is because it displays a mix of architectural techniques and styles which remain intact after all this time. 


7. Mukeshpuri 




If water sports or rock climbing weren’t your things, but you do like to enjoy the outdoors, then Mukeshpuri may be top of your Pakistan bucket-list. It’s a popular destination for hikers who also enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. There are a number of trails for hikers of different abilities and you can even encounter a bird sanctuary as you climb!


8. Patriata




An interesting place to visit, and one with a cooler climate which is appreciated by tourists, is Patriata. This elevated hill area plays home to a host of native animals such as leopards and monkeys. One of the most exciting things about visiting Patriata is that you can only visit by cable car. Enjoy the views!


9. Mohenjo-Daro




One of the first cities ever lived in was Mohenjo-Daro. It is estimated to have been built around 2500 BCE and is now a protected archaeological site. It is so old that it was being used at the same time as the cities in Ancient Egypt and Greece. Many important discoveries have been made here, including small statues, figures and even jewellery.


10. A Local Restaurant




After all your exploring and fun, it will be time to refuel on some of the delicious cuisines Pakistan has to offer. Head on over to a local café or restaurant and try something made locally. Remember to ask staff for their recommendations or make sure you try chapati bread - and why not give a chapli kebab or a mutton karahi a try?


Already Packing Your Bags?


These are all great options for people thinking about visiting Pakistan or for people who are counting down the days until their flight. Pakistan is a big country with lots more to offer. Narrowing down our picks was hard but there are certainly other treasures to see and destinations to enjoy throughout the country!



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