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Have you flown recently with PIA? If so, was your flight cancelled, delayed or alternatively, were you denied boarding? Did you know that you could be eligible for flight compensation?


Pakistan International Airlines 

PIA is Pakistan’s most popular airline and the country’s flag carrier. They offer many direct flights across the globe including Europe and America, flying to 20 countries. Their impressive fleet has 32 modern aircrafts that fly both international and domestic routes.


Boeing 777

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ATR 42

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Our recent survey found that good service and arriving on time is a priority to customers. However, due to various airline issues, many flights are often delayed or cancelled. Many passengers, therefore, face flight problems. Crucially, however, not all passengers are aware of their rights. Therefore, we want to make you aware that you may be due flight compensation.




Were you denied boarding to your flight?


If a passenger was denied boarding due to overbooking, the airport is liable for compensation. However, they are not liable if the airline can provide an alternative flight departing within one hour of the originally scheduled departure time. If they are unable to do so, the airline must suitably compensate the passenger.

It is the airline's responsibility to organise a replacement flight. Although, if you feel that the alternative flight is unsatisfactory, you can request a refund. If this happens, the customer will receive a full refund for the cost of the ticket.

If you decide to make a compensation claim it is important to hold onto your boarding pass and other travel documents (this will help validate that you were a passenger on the flight) It is also beneficial to find out why you were denied boarding; this will help when making a claim. Also, make a note of the time that you arrive at the departure gate.

While waiting for a replacement flight, the airline must provide you with meals, refreshments and communication access (two telephone calls, emails and faxes). Furthermore, if an overnight stay is necessary, hotel accommodation and transportation between the hotel and airport must be arranged. Keep receipts of everything you spend so the airline can reimburse you.

Was your flight cancelled?

When a flight is cancelled, the airline is obligated to provide an alternative flight. The compensation depends on when the passengers were informed of the cancellation and whether the alternative flight is significantly different. For example, if the replacement flight arrival time is comparable to the original schedule, the compensation may be halved.

Flights are cancelled for several reasons. Occasionally, it can be due to unforeseeable circumstances such as bad weather or security risks. When this happens, you may not be eligible for a claim. Although, the airline still has a duty to provide transportation to your destination. If you find out why the flight was cancelled, it can be beneficial for the claim.

While you wait for the airline to arrange the travel, you are entitled to some free perks. This can include refreshments and meals during the wait, access to communication (two telephone calls, fax messages and emails). If necessary, overnight accommodation must be provided by the airline as well as transportation to and from the airport.


Was your flight delayed?


If your flight arrives at the destination with a delay of three or more hours, then you are eligible for flight compensation. However, the sum depends on the length of the delay. The delay is based on the expected arrival time, not take-off time. This is because some airline may be able to make up the time in the air so do not compare to take-off time.

The arrival time is the moment that the doors for the aircraft are opened, permitting passengers to leave the carrier. This is important, as some flights wait on the destination terminal, so note the time of the defined arrival time.

According to ER 261, you are entitled to other essentials. This may include refreshments and meals during the delay, access to communication (two telephone calls, fax messages, and emails). If necessary, overnight accommodation must be provided in a hotel room as well as transportation to and from the airport.



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Have you missed a connecting flight?


When passengers are travelling long haul, it is quite common to have more than one stop or connecting flight. However, if you were delayed it can cause you to miss your connection, thus complicating your journey. Firstly, if your delay caused you to miss a connection it is the airlines responsibility to find a replacement to your destination. Additionally, you could be entitled to compensation according to the EE 261. If you arrive at the destination over three hours later than your original flight, you could be eligible for a claim.

However, this only matters if the flights were booked together as part of the same journey. If the flights were booked separately, then the second flight would not be covered. Sometimes it may be tempting to buy the tickets separately, but airlines do not always get to the destination on time. Consequently, it may be beneficial to buy the tickets as part of the same journey.


Are you eligible for compensation?


According to the European Regulation EC 261, you may be eligible to flight compensation if:

•             You arrive at your destination more than three hours later than expected.

•             The passenger checked into the flight on time.

•             You encountered these problems on a flight operating within the last 6 years.

•             The airline is the cause of these faults such as technical difficulties or schedule conflicts.

•             The flight took off from a European airport and landed in Pakistan.


The process of a flight claim:


The process of claiming for a flight delay, cancellation or denied boarding could not be easier. You can check now by using our Free Flight Checker to see if you could be eligible for a flight compensation claim. The flight checker uses our database in order to confirm either a delayed or cancelled flight. Alternatively, you can call us on 0161 808 7860 and we will check directly for you.





If you are not eligible for a claim, then do not worry as we work on a no win-no fee basis. This means that we only charge a fee if your claim is successful, so you carry no financial risk. Our trusted legal team at Versus Law work directly with the airline to get you the compensation that you deserve. Passenger rights are our utmost priority and we strive to claim back everything that is rightfully owed to you so why not check now to see if you are eligible for a claim?



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