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Travelling around the world is one of the greatest things an individual can do with their life. There are so many beautiful sights to see, so many interesting places to go to, so many inspiring people to meet and almost too much delicious food to indulge in. Sadly, not very many people are fortunate enough to experience the beauty and awe that Pakistan has to offer. Our most recent competition winner, Habibah, is a regular visitor and has declared her love for Pakistan. So, in honour of one of our giveaways, we have celebrated by creating a blog to share Habibah’s experience of being delayed and making her claim. 


How did you feel when you found out that you won?

I was really overjoyed I couldn't believe it, I thought I was dreaming! I was happy; words cannot describe how I felt I was screaming and all out of happiness.

We can all admit that winning £500 would most definitely put a smile on our faces and a spring in our step. It doesn’t normally fall into our lap, but we can appreciate the joyous emotions she must have felt after being informed of her competition winnings. It is great to know that the money will go to Habibah graciously and generously spoiling her friends and family for upcoming birthdays, dinners and treats. What a great way for the money to be spent!


How did you feel about being delayed?

Honestly, due to the fact that it was Ramadan and me and my mother were fasting, plus the children, it was a real headache. My mum is a single mum, so it was hard to make the kids sit in one place. We had no energy to run around after them knowing how kids are. We all got really fed up as there was nothing for them to do at the airport but sit on the cold hard seats.

That does sound like quite a nightmare, airports can be large, flustering and often very overcrowded. The wait can almost seem like it is passing slower than a snail, while longing for your destination in Pakistan. Having to wait an extra four hours for a flight is unpleasant for everyone, which will be even more so while travelling with over-excited children. Fasting during this ordeal will make the whole experience very tiresome and deplete energy levels very quickly.

When flights are booked, paying passengers expect to arrive their destination at the time promised by their airline. So, when this does not happen it results in irritation. As humans, many of us have an inherited impatience which is thinned when our time is wasted. Therefore, we understand the inconvenience caused by a delayed flight, and we want to help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.


How do you feel about submitting your claim with us?

Very satisfied. I have received updates about the claim so I am certain that Versus Law will do the best to get the compensation for the delayed flight.  The service is organised as I get rung with an update from friendly staff. I would definitely recommend to everyone.

We like to keep our customers satisfied and regularly updated on the progress our trusted staff make. We love to hear all feedback from our clients, but the high appraisal especially means so much at PIA delayed!

The process of making a compensation claim can be quite confusing and difficult, which is why we try to help and ease the process for you. After filling in a series of short questions, we will handle all the work from there, contacting the airline directly to get you the compensation you deserve. Habibah was a party of 6, and because of her delays, she and her family are entitled to up to €3,600.

Our staff members are readily available to answer questions and provide you with any information that you may require. Our trusted legal partners are Versus Law, who are experienced and successful solicitors. They have worked on a range of different cases; in addition, they have several solicitors that specialise in flight litigations including delayed, cancelled and denied boarding claims.


What do you think about our service so far?

It seems quite reliable and the social media is amazing honestly the advertisement is superb. Also, the leaflet we received was in the shape of a ticket so it fascinated me and made me interested.

We pride ourselves on our effective communication, promotion and service. Habibah learned a lot of information about our services from our social media. So, if you haven't already, check us out there, our links are at the bottom of this page. Our social media channels include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Keep your eyes peeled, as we regularly like to post competitions like this and the latest flight delays, so no one has to miss out on compensation again!

We are happy Habibah likes the design of the leaflet. It was worked on for weeks before being finally being finished, so we do appreciate that our design is enjoyable and intriguing. 



What is your favourite thing about Pakistan?

I have just been recently in the summer of 2018, and to be honest I love everything about Pakistan. But, if I had to choose one thing, I would say I loved exploring Lahore, especially Minar-e Pakistan and Badshahi Mosque. I enjoyed exploring these places, because it shows how beautiful the landmarks that we have in our country are, and we should be proud. The Wagah border is quite attractive. I love it when the borders open because it shows the brotherhood between the 2 countries despite the ongoing conflict. Also, I can't forget to mention the shopping centres such as Centaurus in Islamabad. It shows that Pakistan can be modernised too. Overall, I love Pakistan so much I would literally love to live there.


Minar-e Pakistan, Lahore


Minar-e Pakistan_PiaDelayed

We agree with Habiabh, Lahore is an amazing city with so much to offer to its residents, guests and tourists. If you haven't already visited Lahore, it is worth paying a visit. The grand Minar-e Pakistan is a monumental landmark built to commemorate the day and location where the Pakistan Resolution was passed on the 23rd of March in 1940. The landmark began being built during the 1960s taking 8 years to complete. Equally impressive, it stands tall at 70 meters, with the base made up of four platforms because it symbolises the journey of the Pakistan movement. Uncut Taxila stone makes up the first platform, to symbolise the hard beginnings of the freedom struggle; the second is that of hammer-dressed stones, and the third compound is of chiselled stones. The fourth and final platform is of polished white marble to signify the success of the Pakistan movement.


Badshahi Mosque, Lahore


Iconic and breathtaking, the Badshahi mosque was opened in the 1670s and has a rich history within the sacred ground. Historians consider it to be one of the largest monuments from the Mughal period; this makes it capable of holding tens of thousands within the main prayer hall and the exquisite courtyard. It is still the largest courtyard of any mosque in the world, the size must be seen to be believed.


Wagah Border 


Habibah discusses the ongoing conflicted relationship between the bordering countries of Pakistan and India which, consequently, makes the ritual even more special. The Beating Retreat border ceremony has men coming from both countries coming together for their daily evening ritual. It is abundant with pride, life and unity making it a necessary visit for those close to Lahore. Many people travel far and wide to watch in awe at the unique ceremony that shows solidarity across the borders.

Pakistan is a continuously enlarging economy, with beautiful landmarks, friendly people and brimming with elegant buildings and enticing food. Habibah has explored some of the most popular areas of Pakistan, but if you are still looking for places to go, our blog has some other incredible places worth visiting. Why not go and visit the blog now by clicking this link here


Have you, or do you know anyone who has experienced a flight delay with PIA?


Check out our website to use our free flight checker to see if you may be eligible for a compensation claim. If you have flown from a European country to Pakistan over the last 6 years and have experienced a flight delay, cancellation or you were denied boarding you might be able to make a claim of up to €600. According to the European Regulation EC 261/2004, you can claim compensation against your airline after experiencing these problems.

 Do not miss out, check it out today to make sure! Could you be the next person with big money in your hands? You don’t want to miss out on getting compensation that is owed to you. 

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